Greg Speirs’ Lithuanian Basketball Tie Dye T-Shirt Tees

Lithuanian Basketball Tie-Dyed Skullman Slammin T-Shirt Tees from

Lithuania Basketball 1992 Tie -Dyed Tees

 Officially Licensed Original Skullman Lithuania Tie Dye T-Shirts from Greg Speirs- The Original Go to for the Original 

Lithuanian Olympic Tie Dye uniform T-Shirt tees

Lithuanian Tie Dye TShirt
1992 Lithuanian Basketball team was outfitted by New York City street artist & 1970’s Grooves Magazine Creator Greg Speirs.
Lithuanian Tie Dye Slammin tshirt
Lithuanian Olympic basketball team wore Greg Speirs Tie Dye Lithuanian T-shirts at the Olympic s in Barcelona
Greg Speirs, Licensor and creator of the world famous Skullman Lithuanian Basketball Tie-Dyed T-Shirts Tee